The Fairies appear in the stone, wax and wood to share their gifts of wisdom.

The koi fish is extremely auspicious.  In Japanese culture it represents overcoming adversity.  In Chinese culture the koi swam up the yellow river in spite of the current to reach the Dragon Gate, as he completed this feat he was turned into the dragon.  This fish is a personal symbol of success.  Below you may see the koi swimming upstream.  His strength magnified with the quartz stones.  

The falcon is also present as a guide for this piece.  He appears almost as the alter ego of the fish facing right or east as the koi faces left or west depending upon your placement.  The falcon is all about discrimination in choice to achieve ultimate success.  Accuracy and precision while practicing restraint are key for acquiring the prize.  This is a very lucky bird and symbol for new endeavors.

Yogi Tree Spirits

This encaustic mixed media piece is inspired by alternate realities.  This artwork mixes wood, wax, and semi precious stones.   The deeper you look, the more you see.   The tree spirits, fairies, koi, falcon, three little pigs, the wolf, the lovers and the mermaid all appear randomly in the work.  I consider them to be auspicious guardians and guides of the painting because they were not planned, but rather appear in the work after it was completed, as if waiting to come out and reveal themselves.

A tree spirit is a type of nature spirit, and effectively the “living soul” of a tree. It has much in the way of wisdom and healing to offer those who are willing to listen and absorb.   Primarily, tree spirits act as the guardians and life force of the trees. 

The wolf, the fox and the three little pigs appear in the wax, through textures and contours.  The lovers and the lounging mermaid make their appearance and totems, guides and guardians of the piece.  This alternate reality comes to life as the lights change through out the day and night.