Yin Yang

This original encaustic mixed media artwork measures 8"x 10"x 3". This piece was inspired from the ancient Yin and Yang Stone Grid formation. All of the elements in this artwork are very auspicious for balance. The yin yang formation uses the stones of jade and quartz with accents of pearl and turquoise for their energetic properties. Yin and Yang are carved into the artwork for the energy of the words and are further enhanced by the energy of the stones. 

The shades of blue correspond with the throat chakra. This chakra deals with communication and creativity. Allow the formation of the yin and yang to invite balance into your life and the beautiful shade of blue to stimulate your throat chakras for more creativity and ease of communication.

The archival quality of this original encaustic work of art will last lifetimes with basic care. 

The oldest encaustic artwork and most famous pieces are shown in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, the Fayum mummy portraits. They have lasted for thousands of years... and so might yours...

Place your dreams, desires and wishes upon a paper behind the artwork on the backside of the frame to bring a union of intention together with the energy of the art. Use the yin and yang to bring the energy of balance into all areas of your life and magnify that feeling. Find your inner balance.

Love and Light,