Universal Angel of Peace

34” x 35” x 2” ~ 15 lbs. ~ Digital art, encaustic, acrylic, stone work, carving on wood.

This encaustic mixed media piece combines the central image of the angel lifting the fallen up to the light.   The body of the angel is filled with imagery of refugees, men women and children.  This piece was inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis that is happening now and the migration of the Native American Indians of the past, when the US Government forced their migration across the states and displaced these native people. 

These migrating people represent all nations, all religions and all persons of the world.  It could happen to us all and it has at one time or another.  Find compassion and love and kindness when dealing with this sensitive issue.  The angel of peace is soothing their fears, their pains and anguish. 

The words love and compassion are laid over the entire image as a prayer and mantra according to the Hado principles discovered and developed by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.  The Native American Symbols for peace and happiness are carved into the encaustic framework.   The following stones were embedded into the artwork for their energetic properties to magnify and intensify the energy set forth in the artwork.

Peacock Ore (Bornite) is considered a stone of happiness, providing a message that life is truly joyful to experience.  This mineral can facilitate the synthesis of the chakras and can be useful in the individual activation of the chakras.  It protects from negativity and provides insight to the obstacles, which may block ones progression towards a goal.  It also emits a circular energy which returns to itself, upon the return, it transforms any negative forces, which have been gathered into pure beneficial energy.  This is an excellent healing stone!