The Alchemist

The Fire dancer spinning poi is considered the alchemist of change.  Allow the concept and energy of change to enter your life, easily, effortlessly, with beauty and grace.  This encaustic mixed media piece has a collaged puzzle piece of photographic impressions of a fire dancer.  Feathers and paper are collaged into the creation you see here.  This artwork is a tribute to the alchemist alive and well within us all.  Tap into that sacred energy within and transform all you wish to transform in and throughout your life.  This mixed media encaustic collage measures 36" x 24" x 2" and has superior archival quality for generations of viewing pleasure.  

"I dance through the fire and the fires dance in me.  I am the alchemist for all the world to see.  I keep moving, I keep changing to such a deep degree, for I am forever changing, I'm energy, I'm free."  Do your dance of change! ~ Deprise