toad, king toad, frog, children's fairytale
blue, sky, cactus, sunset, arizona


Her genre of art is colorful and unique to her visionary lens.  She blends photography, mixed media, painting, collage, encaustic painting and sketching through out her works.  Creating spiritual art with the intention to uplift places and spaces using yoga, dance, feng shui, prayers, affirmations, sacred geometry, crystals, grids, color therapy and more, Deprise's vision is to implement these powerful tools into her inspirational wall art for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.  Her original and reproduced works of art are available on a variety of mediums including: canvas and canvas prints, encaustic, fine art prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards, phone cases, clothing, jewelry, candles, and home decor products found in the stores section. Her art prints for sale come in many sizes and a variety of mediums.