Sea of Love
This encaustic mixed media piece has a thick pave of jade encased in the encaustic medium around the edges of the central artwork. 

The central portion is a sculpture created through the encaustic medium collaging stones of jade, quartz, amethyst, jasper and shell into the artwork which is a series of tiny individually carved canvases collaged together.

The work is created to honor all seas, oceans and waters of the world.  The central portion forms a deep cavern or cave in which the word LOVE is etched into the work with jade and encaustic.  It can only be seen from above looking down into the work.  This element was used in accordance with the Hado work of Dr Masaru Emoto and his work with water.

The semi precious stone are used to amplify and energize the artwork and the energy of love.
This piece weights 18 lbs and comes ready to hang on the wall.  It measures 38"x 32"x 4".