Mixed Media - Encaustic, photographic underlay, digital painting, Jade & Quartz Stone Grid

​Artist – Deprise Brescia

​The photographic artwork contains the words “I AM that I AM LOVE”.  They are embedded into the artwork based upon the principles of Dr Masaru Emoto’s Hado work on water.  The energy of the words are spoken and sealed into the wax as it is melted and solidified for true energy art.  The words are repeated as a mantra throughout the burning in process of the wax application. The semi precious stone grid made of jade and quartz is in the “Potentate” configuration.  It is applicable to the development of ones spirituality via assisting one in the recognition of a supreme, all pervading and indwelling power, in which unification of “all” is manifest.
QUARTZ is a receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. Used for meditation, transformation, stability, knowledge, protection, healing, and enlightenment. It increases the auric field.

JADE - Brings peace, calm and stabilizing effect on the body. This stone is great for courage, clarity and tranquility of the mind. It erases stomach and digestive disorders.

This digital artwork and similar works are found in the eBook,
“Meditations For Peace” by Deprise Brescia, available on under the kindle store.

​This artwork is created for uplifting places, spaces and people.