This artwork was inspired by a moving experience I had while visiting the country Turkey and in particular, the place where the Blessed Mother lived after Jesus was crucified.  

After that incredibly moving experience I decided to use the image and texture of the tree bark that was next to the cottage in several mixed media artworks as a way of carrying the energy of that amazing place forward and sharing it through art. 

The image of the woman's body kneeling is both acrylic and digital, overlaid in the tree bark texture through the encaustic medium.  Layers of both color and texture are burnt into the work along with stone to amplify the energy of the art.


1.  deep respect for someone or something.
"rituals showed honor and reverence for the dead"

synonyms:      high esteem, high regard, great respect, acclaim, admiration, appreciation, estimation, favor
"reverence for life"

1.  regard or treat with deep respect.