The image of the bear and the skunk appear in the wax on the mid left section of the artwork and the badger appears on the right side. They came forth as the animal spirit guides for this piece for the qualities embodied in them. 

​The bear is considered the spirit keeper of the west and known for the qualities of strength and power as well as discernment.

The skunk is linked with mystic and magic, they are a symbol of Self Respect, Reputation, Sensuality, and Self-Esteem. The stripe that runs from head to tail on the skunk is the outward sign of kundalini or life force. When a skunk wafts into your life, your kundalini or life force activates and amplifies. You must learn to use this force effectively. When the creative life force within is fully developed, you will have the ability to direct your creative energy to manifest what you desire.

The badger is seen peaking out from behind the dangling talisman of stones and beads. ​The badger appears to remind us to follow our own path at our own pace.  The badger is connected to the earth and provides grounding to help us get rooted within ourselves.  The badger is a sign of good luck after hardship.

The quartz crystal stone array is overlaid in encaustic wax. The grid is the great mystery for journeying within and into other dimensions. It promotes astral travel and can be used for protection as well. The large labrodorite stone in the center of the artwork is of extra-terrestrial origins from a meteor and has powerful energy promoting vivid dreaming and connection to other realms. It is surrounded by rutilated quartz to magnify it's energy even more. Turquoise as well as pearl, jade, and kunzite are used as well for their beneficial, healing properties.

Mysterious Journey Within

This 33.5" x 39" x 3" encaustic mixed media piece combines yoga, feng shui, metaphysical grid work, stone therapy, shamanism, and animal spirit guides. The half lord of the fishes yoga posture presents itself 8 times forming the pattern of the yogi for the auspicious energy of the number eight. We are squeezing out what is no longer needed in this yoga posture, making room for the new to enter our lives. 

The sea shells are a symbol of prosperity and the element of silver in the shape of the starfish amplifies the grid-work for protection and enhances business. This artwork is created for uplifting places, spaces and people.

Sand dollars are also incorporated into the artwork. The legend of the Sand dollar is a symbol of the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

TURQUOISE is a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to disspate negativity; it's an excellent anti-negativity stone. It can be used for mental, emotional and physical problems. It is excellent for spiritual attunement, for healing and cleansing of both the energy centers and the physical body and providing for protection. Excellent for vision quests and astral travel. It improves meditation, melding together the energies of the heavens with the consciousness of Mother Earth.

QUARTZ is a receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. Used for meditation, transformation, stability, knowledge, protection, healing, and enlightenment. It increases the auric field.

JADE - Brings peace, calm and stabilizing effect on the body. Courage, clarity and tranquility of the mind. Erases stomach and digestive disorders.

KUNZITE - This mineral activates the heart chakra and aligns the heart chakra with the throat chakra and third eye. It synthesizes the energies to produce loving thoughts and loving communication. Just holding the stone produces a feeling of a powerful peace. The energy moves through the stone with a sword like action to remove emotional and physical pain. It is a good meditation stone for bringing in inspiration and giving out the messages to others. Kunzite is also a health aid for receptivity and balance.

PEARL - The pearl has been known as a “stone of sincerity”, bringing truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause”.  It has been used to inhibit boisterous behavior and to provide a reflection of the self such that one may see the manner in which one appears to others.
It has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders, and to relieve conditions of biliousness and bloating, to treat the soft organs of the body, and to increase fertility and ease childbirth.  Vibrates to the number 7.