Moo Monarch

​This life size installation art cow is for the Cow Parade SLO, artwork for Moo Monarch and design by artist Deprise Brescia.  

The wooden wings and butterflies are hand painted and feature a base underpainting of the word LOVE in 101 languages.  The use of the word LOVE as the underpainting was choosen based upon the research and findings of Dr Masaru Emoto's work with water and water crystals.  I choose LOVE for the amazing energy of the word.  It has a powerful effect and the world needs more LOVE, so there you go.

CowParade™ is an international moo-ving public art exhibit that has been featured in major world cities including Paris, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Milan, London, New York, Cannes, Rio, Rome and beyond. CowParade has been staged in over 75 cities and towns, bringing smiles to more than 250 million people worldwide. Each CowParade shares a few common elements – community involvement, sponsors, artists, charities, beautiful cows, increased tourism and notoriety.

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