Details of A Mermaids Passion


Encaustic, mixed media, acrylic, digital painting underlay, collage on wood
​Artist – Deprise Brescia

​A “Mermaid’s Passion” is an encaustic mixed media piece measuring 24”x 48”x 6” and weighs approximately 14.5 lbs.  The inspiration behind the work stems from the desire to reignite passions that have become or been lying dormant.  A collection a priceless moments in time merged together through the digital medium, then layered with prayers, affirmations, desires and love the most powerful force in the universe with the intention of being a catalyst to reawaken great passion and for remembering ones purpose and goal.  Upon closer look the actual words can be seen, Awaken great passion, awaken your soul, remember your purpose, remember your goal.”  They are used in accordance with the principles of Dr Masaru Emoto’s Hado work on water for their energetic properties. The panoramic scene is covered in the encaustic medium, metallic colors are rubbed into the surface reminiscent of the underwater wonderland that lives below the surface of the ocean in all of its magnificent beauty. 
Allow the magic of the elements to permeate your being and uplift your space.