This work is From The Kingdoms Series

The Kingdoms Series contains works of planetary grids with crystal formations embedded into the encaustic medium.  The kingdoms; mineral, plant, animal and human are represented in the overall artwork uniting us as 'ONE'.  All of the works found here use the same digital artwork underlay to create the base canvas.  The digital artwork comes from the art film, "The Experience of Process" illustrating the beauty of nature and power of entrainment for therapeutic purposes.  After the base composition is created, the encaustic painting begins.  I allow the energy of the art, stones, grids, the kingdoms and encaustic medium to co-create the works.  Find the grid that resonates with you and allow the energy of the artwork to uplift your place and space.  ~  Deprise

Kingdoms Unite Through The Sun

This encaustic mixed media piece features the 'Sun Medicine Circle' configuration of clear quartz crystal sceptres for the energy and unity of 'The Kingdoms" mineral, plant, animal and human.   In Zen practice this configuration represents enlightenment, meditation and opening the self to spiritual development.  In Mythology, the Sun was personified as God governing light, healing, harmony, beauty and prophesy.  This array stimulates opening the pathway to the Higher Self,  self esteem and renewal.  It can be used to open the sacral chakra, stimulate creativity, health and luck.

This art is about unity and awareness.  'We are one' is the underlying theme.  We must unite for the good of all.  Black phantom crystals are incorporated into this encaustic painting, along with quartz pebbles.   If you look closely you can see the figure of the female yogis in upward facing dog pose.  They are worked into the piece, symbolic of swimming through the trees of life.  The unity comes from all of the kingdoms uniting, bringing their gifts together for the good of the whole.  Allow this piece to remind you to share your gifts with the world, for the good of all.  

This artwork is considered 'Transformational Art', not only because it was created to positively shift vibrations and uplift environments, but because it's appearance has a transformative element.  The artwork encounters dramatic changes in appearance as the lighting changes throughout the day into evening.  It is shown in natural lighting before during and after twilight.  

This piece measures 24" x 36" x 3" ready to hang with encaustic medium wrapped around the outer edges of the wood frame for a gallery wrapped look.  Tiny pearlized quartz crystal stones frame the edges, no further framing is necessary.