Kabbalah Series

The Encaustic Fine Art Original Kabbalah series is based upon the principle that scanning the 72 Names of God will reveal more light, more specifically, that exact name of God and the energy associated with it.  Each of these pieces contain one or several of the 72 Names of God, they are worked into the artwork in order to reveal more light.  Just as it is taught at the Kabbalah Center, by opening the pages of sacred text allows that energy to be revealed, theoretically by allowing the Names of God to be in your space taps into the energy associated with that Name of God.  Find the artwork that speaks to you and allow the energy to resonate with yours.  Each of the encaustic works found here are originals, no two will ever be the same.  The wax medium is co-creator in this process.  Semi precious stones are also used to amplify the energy set forth in the artwork.  ~  Deprise