Religion of Wine Inspiration Tags

Worship the Spirit Within

Wine lovers are honored with imagery that grows on the vine.  Artwork and sentiment stemming from grapes, vines, vineyards and female forms worship the true feminine spirit of wine.  Humorous phrases to uplift, inspire and bring the hint of a smile within.

Art of Living Inspiration Tags

Conspire to Inspire

Sometimes life needs a little inspiration.  Spark some hope through thought, word & imagery.


Inspiration Tags  

Harness the power of the pose

Yoga inspired tags with asana art inscriptions, postures and sentiments.



Original fine art images on unisex jewelry created to remind us of what matters.   Conceptual energy art and transformational art pieces designed to inspire.  These light-weight art image dog tags measure 2" x 1 1/8" and hang on a 30" aluminum ball-chain.  Double sided, full color, original artwork encased in enamel create wearable, waterproof, works of art.    Each with thought provoking words, sentiments and original fine art designs.  Yoga Inspiration Tags, Art of Living Inspiration Tags, Religion of Wine Inspiration Tags, Garden Fairy Inspiration Tags, 28 original designs and counting.  Find the Inspiration Tag that works for you and conspire to inspire.

Garden Fairy 

Inspiration Tags

Tag What You Love 

Fine art imagery and word based on the concept of garden fairies and the positive virtues they bring.  Joy, nature and female forms are incorporated creating pieces to inspire and uplift the lighthearted dreamers, nature lovers and children at heart. The use of light, color and certain yoga poses create the platform for the magical designs found here.

Inspiration Tags For Men

Merge of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Show him love with an Inspiration Tag, because he inspires you.  Fine art imagery with word and thought 2 inspire.