Illusions of Matter

This encaustic mixed media artwork begins with digital art from a collection of photographs. After building the wood box frame I mount the digital art.  It forms the base canvas where the next level of painting begins.  Layers of acrylic and encaustic paint are burned into the work.  Stones are placed among the ceramic tiles symbolically placed in Native American patterns.

'Illusions of Matter' captures the ultimate illusions of glamour and beauty against the backdrop of LA.  The metamorphosis symbolized by the butterfly wings marks breaking through the illusions of matter.  We see the upper eyes clearly while the lower eyes are masked.  Our third eye sees clearly while our physical eyes remain veiled.

The upside down dream catcher suggests the dream world is more real than the waking state, hinting at our upside down view of what is real.  The mosaic of stonework (jade, moonstone, quartz, jasper and pebble) is set in the encaustic medium symbolizing the matter that creates all things.  This matter waits in the ethers until it is manifest in the physical to be encountered through the human experience.