Her Strength

The inspiration for this encaustic photography is the strength of a woman. Symbolic, the image of her bare back and the image of tree bark merge through the encaustic medium representing the strength of both. 

The textured beauty and tolerance of the elements of life are known to both a woman and a tree. Their dependability remains through the toughest of storms, that is undeniable. 

I thought these a perfect match with all due respect to each.

This work is painted in the encaustic medium with digital artwork embedded as the underpainting. Encaustic painting is the final finish for this work on repurposed canvas board.

The luster and finish is completely unique due to the encaustic finish. The bees wax and Damar resin are both delicate and durable. With care to keep away from extreme heat this encaustic work can last hundreds of years or longer. 

Some of the oldest encaustic painting (thousands of years old) are from the Fayum mummy portraits and hang in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. 

Do not leave encaustic art in hot cars on summer days where temperatures can exceed 150 degrees during transport or in direct sunlight. Think of your encaustic work like a child, a small pet or a decorative candle. Treat it with respect and care and it will last.

I paint with the encaustic medium at a temperature between 180-200 degrees. I use a heat gun with temperatures of over 800 degrees to burn every layer into the work. 

Think of the encaustic finish as a heavy duty candle with an element of resin for strength and durability. The finish is uniquely exquisite.