Fortuna Del Sol

The photographic artwork underlay contains a fire goddess, representing the catalyst for change.  The artwork is overlaid in 2 semi precious stone grids, bordered in Jasper.

The first grid comes from the planetary array in the “Sun-Medicine Circle” configuration in quartz.  Its qualities include strength (physical, emotional, and spiritual), knowledge, wisdom, illumination, spiritual growth, courage, and self-expression.  This grid can be used for “LUCK”, to enhance vitality, and to further the expansion of ones “glorification” via the actualization of ones innate attributes.

The second grid is also from the planetary array in the “Fortuna” configuration in garnet.  It represents both magical blessings and the personal synthesis of the physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.  This array represents the art of positive attraction.

There is a pocket on the rear of the artwork, which allows one to place photographs inside the grid.  This enables maximum benefit to flow towards that, which is in the image.