Fall From Grace Rise In Glory
This original mixed media encaustic collage contains peacock ore along with jade, quartz, jasper and moonstone for their energetic properties. The encaustic collage uses the digital medium to form the canvas where the acrylic and encaustic painting began. Multiple layers of burning in give depth and a distinct luminosity unique to the encaustic medium.

The inspiration for this encaustic work comes from the concept of falling from grace. Not just from the grace of God, illustrated by the focus solely upon the material world, but also the loss of reputation or rejection of the group symbolized by the street scene of Santa Monica Boulevard. When one falls from Grace, they go within and then rise up in glory. The spirit is eternal and triumphant. One may consider loss of the material world, but in reality soar in the spiritual or rise up in glory.  Allow the energy of the artwork to inspire you to rise in glory.

encaustic mixed media art, collage, figurative, female