This artwork is embedded with 46 stones of geode, quartz, garnets, pearls, coral, black coral, red coral, kyanite, and amethyst for their energetic properties. The amethyst is healing, calming, enhances the meditative state, creates pure thoughts, spiritual insight, relaxation and transmutes negativity enhancing the dream state. Kyanite is one of two minerals that never needs cleaning or clearing. It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. It aligns all chakras automatically. It brings tranquility and stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels. Red coral brings harmony and aligns with the source of wisdom. Black coral absorbs and transforms negativity when placed in ones environment. Garnet is the stone of commitment to purpose to others and oneself. Geodes help connect to higher planes and forces. Quartz is a receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. It can be used for meditation, transformation, stability, knowledge, protection, healing and enlightenment. It increases the auric field.

The Dragon symbolizes power, excellence, boldness, valiancy, nobility, heroism and happiness. This divine creature brings prosperity, abundance, fortune and good luck. 

"I harness the power of the pose in me. I realize my potential and then I see, my light can shine so bright and strong for this current it's electric as I sing this song. I tap my potential, harnessing electric chi. The charge I feels magnetic, kinetic, can't you see? Allow me to share the secrets from within so we can be shining, buzzing, glowing with this force electrically." - Deprise Brescia - from the eBook 'YOGA MEDITATIONS - How To Harness The Power Of The Pose' available on under the kindle store.

The shark power animal is a symbol of fearlessness and protection. They are able to accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks with ease and often signify the awakening of one or more of the psychic senses, such as; visions, prophetic dreams, and clairaudience. There will be a greater connection with the spiritual realm with the help of the shark energy.

The fish is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, good luck, personal strength or overcoming adversity. This is a very auspicious symbol.

The black cockatoo represents the power of spirit coming into your life. It could be a strengthening of your own spirit and soul, or a celebration of any spirits or gods that you believe in. The black cockatoo brings gifts of the spirit; joy, empowerment, happiness, contentment, emotional freedom and spiritual freedom.  Allow the black cockatoo to help you find your inner fire, spiritual truths and tap your creativity. The black cockatoo can become your muse and help you to see your inner beauty and teach you to connect with your inner and outer wealth. Through the presence of this great bird, we can learn to access and transform our opinions of the world and ourselves in general. There is beauty inside everyone, no matter how ugly or corrupt we may feel at times.

Electric Chi In Me

This mixed media piece measures 30"x 40" x 1.5". It includes the following mediums; acrylic, photography, digital art, encaustic, collage and stone inlay.

The yogis stand in tree pose, hands in prayer position balanced upon the swimming sharks for fearless protection. They are backed by the powerful dragons, the black cockatoos, and the fish. All of these animal guides appear in the artwork as animal totems. Their energies are very auspicious and healing.