This entire piece of artwork was created while listening to Mozart. The idea came from the book, "The Mozart Effect".

I am inspired by the connection of all kingdoms and the metaphysical world.  I believe in the energy of the elements.  I believe we are all connected and therefore affect one another always in every way.  This potential can be harnessed for the highest good of all. 

This encaustic mixed media painting merges all kingdoms through the metaphysical configuration of the Moon.  All kingdoms are represented in the painting.  Hidden creatures reveal themselves as energy, vibrations and lighting change.  The Asian Dragon appears surrounding the moon.

Real sterling silver, moonstone and clear crystals are used to form the grid.  The "Moon" configuration stimulates sensitivity, responsiveness, psychic awareness and compassion.  These elements are embedded into the artwork for their energetic properties along with fossils and stones.  The "Moon" configuration can also be used to initiate change and is excellent for dispelling negativity and for bringing romance and excitement to ones life. 

QUARTZ is a receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. Used for meditation, transformation, stability, knowledge, protection, healing, and enlightenment. It increases the auric field.

MOONSTONE - The energy of the moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar.  It is capable of helping one with the changing structures of ones life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  The energy relates to “new beginnings”, allowing one to realize that these “new beginnings” are, in actuality the fruition of endings as well.

The clear encaustic medium gives a soft finish that resembles a sugar cookie. This raw encaustic finish draws you in with its organic appeal.  Allow the energy of the artwork to uplift your place and space. This piece can be hung either landscape or portrait.

This artwork is considered 'Transformational Art', because it was created to positively shift vibrations and uplift environments.  This piece measures 24" x 36" x 3" ready to hang either portrait or landscape.  The encaustic medium wraps around the outer edges of the wood frame for a gallery wrapped look.  Tiny raised sections frame the edges, no further framing is necessary.

From The Kingdoms Series

The Kingdoms Series contains works of planetary grids with crystal formations embedded into the encaustic medium.  The kingdoms; mineral, plant, animal and human are represented in the overall artwork uniting us as 'ONE'.  All of the works found here use the same digital artwork underlay to create the base canvas.  The digital artwork comes from the art film, "The Experience of Process" illustrating the beauty of nature and power of entrainment for therapeutic purposes.  After the base composition is created, the encaustic painting begins.  I allow the energy of the art, stones, grids, the kingdoms and encaustic medium to co-create the works.  Find the grid that resonates with you and allow the energy of the artwork to uplift your place and space.  ~  Deprise

Dragon Moon Thru Mozart