Deprise Designs Mission Statement

"Deprise Designs" is my vision.  I am Deprise Brescia.  As the brand it forms an umbrella for my many art endeavors.  A sincere desire to make the world a better place by shifting vibrations is what we're all about.  

Our mission is to uplift places and spaces through the arts. We conspire to inspire with uplifting art.  

All rules are off when design is in mind: feng shui, chakra clearing techniques, dance, color therapy, affirmations, Hado, prayers, yoga and crystal work are among the elements incorporated into the artworks.  

Thinking outside the box and releasing the typical confines is what takes place when creating products to touch your life.  Positive footprints of endless inspiration are key to the overall design and what we have in mind.  

Every person is unique and deserves consideration for their desire to uplift their personal space.  Art, Photography, Candles, Cards, Inspiration Tags, Inspirational Wall Art, Home Decor Products, Clothing, Accessories and Commissioned Works -- we offer many options.

Your needs may require one or many.  We take the time to consider your space and your needs, then craft innovative  uplifting art designs to inspire you.