Art Film Stills

The images in this gallery come from the 'Transformational Energy Art Films' I have created.  Those art films include: 'The Experience of One', 'The Experience of Process', 'Club Cuts', and 'Change Train'.  

These art films fall into the category of 'Transformational Energy Art Film' because they were all created with the intention to transform energy thorough the use of Hado techniques according to the principles of Dr Masaru Emoto's research and findings with words, water and intention.  Positive words, prayers, sacred geometry and affirmations are layered into the film along with images with the specific positive intentions to uplift those viewing are what this is about.

These are still moments taken from this unique breed of digital art film, where I have merged still art and film together to create something new, something of a hybrid, something to uplift all who view.