Each of the states are available for purchase.

This giant wooden jigsaw puzzle of the United States of America measures 15' x 9'.  It is a hanging art installation that links the United States together like a mesh net giving space between the individual states allowing for their independence and freedom within the piece as a whole.  This is the perfect metaphor for the butterfly effect.  Everything we do effects the whole.  We are all connected.

The entire installation has two different murals, one on the front and the second on the back.  The acrylic mural painting that graces the front of the giant jigsaw puzzle is titled, "The Faces of Freedom". 

It represents all of us.  The mural is meant to celebrate our diversity and honor our uniqueness.  We come in every color, every gender, every size, every shape and personality.  We are one family of Americans and together we must work through our growing pains with peace, love and unity.  We are one.  We are the 'Faces of Freedom'. 

The back side of the giant jigsaw puzzle features the American flag and the US Constitution in Scrabble or Crossword form painted in acrylic, symbolizing the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Constitution.  It is a commentary and illustration of what is currently happening in our country.  We The People is the title of the second mural on the backside of the United States jigsaw puzzle.  Together it represents the backbone of the United States of America.

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America The Promise