Health of The Oceans

Almond Acres Charter Academy Elementary School with Jeanne Serge was looking to collaborate with artists in developing lessons for their classes using the arts.  Their focus was teaching through art and the subject was the 'Health of the Ocean'.  

Shaina Ferry and Vanessa Chase were the brave third grade teachers who brought together students and artists from the outside world and exposing them to a new way of learning, through art.  The overall experience was enriching in many ways, as only the arts can.

This project based learning unit included color blending with water based paint to visually express the beauty and varied levels of water found in the ocean.  This was used as the base of the art installation we created.

3D animals were created by the students to decorate their ocean wall.  The students also created videos that were QR Coded about the health of the ocean with the assistance of the 8th graders.

We helped them think of creative ways to make a difference by building a 'Net of Hope'.  The children participated in a trash day pick up at the beach.  The trash was then used to create plastic wrapped dolphins and marine life.  The children gave voices to the creatures of the sea.

The students took narrative pictures of their adventures and then artistically decorated them to be displayed in their final wall installation at the PRAA (Paso Robles Art Association) inside of Studios on The Park in Paso Robles, California.

This project based learning unit was a valuable way to teach and inspire through the arts, building bridges of hope and belief in the future and a better world... and a ton of fun along the way!

Almond Acres Charter Academy Elementary School Outreach